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Monday, March 1, 2010

Progress shots Peugeot Fossil

So these are my work in progress shots for my derelict Peugeot Bicycle fossil. I was inspired to make this piece because I often spy a lot of chained up bikes that get tires stolen or something taken off and abandoned by the owner and they just become an eyesore. As an Archaeology Major what was once garbage becomes artifact so I take this idea to create a fossil from a bicycle. The composition is inspired from the archaeopteryx fossil which is located in the American Natural History Museum. I wanted it to be in the round so It can be viewed from both sides unlike fossils which are normally seen en situ and flat against the terrain.

Starting from an abandoned bicycle.
May the gods of bicycle restoring forgive me.
I have sinned but this was for the sake of art.

After 30 minutes of "treatment".

It would seem I have no in progress of when I was building a mesh framing around the bike and spray foaming the surface to create a texture. This is shot of where I tried using a masonry material called TAMOSEAL and mortar acrylic to create the texture of stone. It was my first attempt. Later on I switch to a resin material and end up scraping off this white material.

I have done the same to the ring and spokes.
Mesh framed and foam to hold and create texture.

This is a shot of the prepared rear chain wheel with a mesh framing and some foam treatment.

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