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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Massive update! part 3

The next day...

I have to yet again, play in dirt. Dig dig dig.

*note digging this thing out took about 5 hours since I had to be careful not to damage the roots and concrete. But to you folks out there in internet land, I can magically dig it out in 2 pictures.
The next day, Steve and I hoist this thing out of the ground and flip it upside down. I hose off a lot of the mud that was stuck to the piece.
*note not many earthworms were hurt in the process.
Then I go buy a bag of gravel mix concrete and mound it onto the mesh/foam to form the "dirt"
Afterwards I pile dirt back on the concrete/gravel mix... U plant is seen next to the "roots"
This piece making sense yet?

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