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Brooklyn, New York, United States
I am a sculptor. Specializing in clay modeling, metal fabrication/welding, and ceramics. Studio practices include powertools and machines that make a lot of dust and noise.

About Myself

The purpose of this blog is to log my work for my last semester of school.  showcase my work to professionals in the creative field.

As for now my fate is undecided but I know where I want to end up, with dreams clutched in my hands I make art that I feel has to be made in my pursuit of my career. Ultimately, I want to end up making my mark in the fine art world.

My oxy-acetaline welding.
My work involves a variety of what I call background or behind the scenes work. This where the brainstorming, sketching and soft rendering comes in and these drafts get worked out to the point where most problems are addressed on paper before beginning a sculpture. My weapon of choice is clay. I love modeling clay, but metal welding is also another passion I pursue.

One of my favorite subjects to work with is the human form because it is very hard to master.

Simply put, I love anything that involves getting my hands dirty!