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Brooklyn, New York, United States
I am a sculptor. Specializing in clay modeling, metal fabrication/welding, and ceramics. Studio practices include powertools and machines that make a lot of dust and noise.


March 2010
BFA: Solo Thesis Exhibition
Brooklyn College, 2900 Bedford

No Bicycle Riding" 
Artist Statement

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  For bicyclists in New York City, the streets can be an unforgiving place. In a city that largely accommodates the automobile, there is a hierarchy in which cyclists and pedestrians can become marginalized and where having the right of way is little consolation after being the victim of an accident. One quickly becomes aware of just how vulnerable you are when not protected by a metal chassis and air bags. Recently, my experiences have become the basis of a body of work. 

  I use the bicycle as a symbol which can embody a variety of eternal themes: survival, freedom, death, etc. Bicycle carcasses, a frequent sight in New York, are not just garbage; they are a documentation of a person's presence or absence, a symbol of wealth or loss. Educated in anthropology and archeology, I draw connections between contemporary bicycle culture and the artworks and artifacts of the distant past, making reference to ancient fossils and classical antiquity. By juxtaposing the ancient with the modern, the idea of the bicycle and the rider becomes a hybrid entity, embodying traits of both the past and present.

Art Writer Janna Schoenberger stops by for a visit.

For Scale 

Explaining my process

"Bring out your Big Guns, All out Art Assault!" 
October 2010
Juried Salon Exhibition: Best in Show Winner!
Greenpoint Gallery, 390 Mcguiness Blvd. Brooklyn, NY

Dream Catcher 
Messenger Contrapposto

Peugeot Fossil

Installation View