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Monday, February 7, 2011

New works in progress..

So in my job search, I have not been able to find something full time in the creative field. What is an artist to do? I decided to sculpt as much as I could while I'm looking.
 Post undergraduate life is not as glamorous as the speakers at my graduation speech made it seem.

I digress, so basically I thought to myself that I needed to diversify my portfolio and create more works to show my range as a sculptor/artist.  This series of sculptures falls under a group I call "the art of being unemployed."

This was very fun to sculpt, and came together quickly. It was sculpted over the course on and off over a 3 day span. 

Life size Koopa Shell, 12''x10'' Will cast these for fun (and possibly rent money if people are willing to buy..)



Onto another project.

This life size baby is still a work in progress. Body parts have been roughed out and will begin refining soon

Roughly work time is on and off during a 4 day span so far.

Roughly measures about 27'' long from head to toe. ( if it were standing). Its you know, like a baby's size.

Aerial View
                                                                          Frontal View (Sorta)

This other work is an idea i had for a fencing mask. Well clearly it wouldn't be functional but the idea is that its made of bones. It is sculpted over a face cast of myself. It measures approximately 11'' x 7.5''.

Sculpting took place over a 5 day span, on and off a few hours at a time. clearly this is at a more refined stage. Will be completed soon!

                                                                         Frontal view.

Bottom View.
Top View.

3/4th View.
All sculpting in Chavant NSP hard grey unless indicated. 

More to come..

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  1. I like the new work, especially this one. It has an alien bone look to it or something you could go in alot of directions with it. good luck with the job hunt but I wish you better luck with art sales it is a shame it is so hard to make money with what we love to do.
    Scott K