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Monday, February 14, 2011

Koopa Shell

Coming from my love for nostalgia, I wanted to create a life size replica of one of my childhood icons. And as always in an attempt to expand my portfolio full of things that I can design and sculpt, I wanted to make one from scratch. I looked at many images and toys and even plush versions to find my inspiration. In the end I realized there are a lot of different versions of the Koopa Shell even within the Mario world, so I settled with my favorite one.

My Sculpt next to a 25 Cent sized Toy version.

Front View

Back View

Aerial View

Soon this will be molded and casted  by yours truly. Stay tuned! 

Work In Progress Documentation

Crude Shell before details.  

To begin this project I had first taken my bicycle helmet and made a mold of it. Then I cast a positive out of plaster. After cleaning up the cast I had a base to sculpt on.The Chavant NSP hard was then modeled on top of the plaster cast of the bicycle helmet.

A Sharpie marker is used to show scale. 

Crude Detailing onto surface.

Lines defined and then the areas are smoothed out portion by portion using an alcohol torch and kemper wood tools to scrape excess clay from some areas and add back some where needed.

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