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I am a sculptor. Specializing in clay modeling, metal fabrication/welding, and ceramics. Studio practices include powertools and machines that make a lot of dust and noise.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Contrapposto Bike messenger

This is a latest show of a work in progress of my bike messenger.
It is made out of two part expoxy resin and a mix of super sculpey and sculpey III.
Interior is comprised of wire armature and bulked with foil.
I will be posting older shots to show the transition.


  1. You have a blog and I didn't know?!
    Well, I guess I know now...
    Wow, this is cool! How big is it?

  2. ..I wanted to make it nice before I showed it to you. since yours is all fancy and stuff... :)
    Its about 17 inches high. working on it right now actually..

  3. hah! me, fancy? naw!
    i totally dig the green here!
    wow, that's tall! i look forward to seeing it at the show!